About Us

About Us

Atlantic Greases and Lubricant LLC was established in year 2000 in the Emirates of Ajman and the second production facility established in year 2006 in the Emirates of Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone. Both blending plants have under gone a series of developments and expansion. Both plants have the capacity of 80,000 MT per annum for blending & filling lubricants and greases.

Atlantic Greases & Lubricant FZC has blossomed to high specialized, well integrated establishment with a reputation for making and marketing quality products. The plant is certified for quality management system ISO 9001-2008. Atlantic Greases and Lubricant blending excellence is thus transformed into reliability for al it customers.

Our Focus on honesty, integrity and respect for people form the basis of Atlantic Greases and Lubricant principle. We are convinced that contributing to sustainable development helps create business value and reduce operational and financial risk, making us a more competitive and profitable company.

Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at core of our strategy. We believed out technologies and technical expertise will be telling factors in growth of our business.

What we are manufacturing?
Automotive Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
Marine Lubricants
Military Application Lubricants
Specialty Lubricants
Lubricants Additives

A recipe for success:
By offering a product and service that is a unique as the client we are doing business with. Our philosophy is quite simple…….treat each clients as a business partner ad ensure their success. We also take our competition very seriously and gauge our products against the very best name in the lubricants industry . for it us a well-known fact that Atlantic Greases and Lubricant outperform and outlast other major lubricants in brands.

Rues and Engagement:
We assess the needs of ur clients and offer a complete lubricants solution that meets and exceeds all their requirements. We service our smallest client with the same level of commitment as our largest corporate clients. If a client has a special product need that’s we cannot fulfill then we will source it for them.

Concept of innovation and ideas:
Just when it seems innovation is beyond reach, we find a way to break through it. At just Atlantic Greases and Lubricant, we understand the core of the lubricants business.

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